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Turn onto Mountain View Road from the main highway (a right turn, if you are coming from Summerville). Mountain View Road ascends the mountain and becomes a gravel road. Black Springs Road is a sharp right turn off of this road, unmarked save for a small metal mile marker. After going through a few sharp curves on Black Springs Road, look to the left for a narrow gravel drive, there are 2 large stones here side by side. Park here and proceed by foot down the driveway. This trek will take you through the woods and will occasionally detour to bypass parts of the path blocked by fallen trees and debris. Continue to follow the path, and after about fifteen minutes of walking, you will see a very small clearing to the left. At this spot, look to the right, and you will see two crumbling brick columns, about three feet high. This is the entrance to the property. Turn right and proceed forward. Please be respectful of the property as you explore. Despite being private property, visiting is allowed, and local law enforcement has no problem with explorers, as long as they are responsible and respectful. Bear in mind that you may encounter other individuals or groups while exploring.

The Hebrew term "Abaddon", and its Greek equivalent "Apollyon" appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל, meaning the realm of the dead.

Epsilon is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, corresponding phonetically to a mid front unrounded vowel. In the system of Greek numerals it also has the value five. It was derived from the Phoenician letter He. Letters that arose from epsilon include the Roman E, Ë and Ɛ, and Cyrillic Е, È, Ё, Є and Э.

The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect — depression. Most new moms experience postpartum "baby blues" after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to two weeks. But some new moms experience a more severe, long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Rarely, an extreme mood disorder called postpartum psychosis also may develop after childbirth. Postpartum depression isn't a character flaw or a weakness. Sometimes it's simply a complication of giving birth. If you have postpartum depression, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms and help you bond with your baby.

The Impurity is the name given to an apparent sickness consisting mostly of hysteria and coughing up blood, along with occasional nausea, paranoia, vomitting, and extreme exhaustion due to an encounter with something that does not belong.

a unified consciousness or intelligence formed by a number of alien individuals, the resulting consciousness typically exerting control over its constituent members.

Because memory is the only proof that you were here, and I mean here as in this plane of existence, buddy, there is no proof that there was anything before you started remembering, or in the dark gaps that you don't remember. Perhaps you can't recall these memories because they were never really there. Perhaps the universe only begun when your mind started making those little electrical sequences, sequences too similar to a machine's. The universe of a television show does not extend further than where it begins and where it ends. Timeskips, memory gaps, what's the difference? What you've recorded down is merely a flashback. A replay of events with the same actors and the same props, but ultimately not actually in the past. It is part of the canon, linear universe just like everything else.

“Those bound to the aspect of Space are, as the name suggests, concerned with the big picture. They are patient, masters of the art of 'wait-and-see', and are inclined to take things as they come. That isn't to say that they're pushovers or willing to let injustice lie-they just choose their battles wisely, understanding that sometimes you have to let something burn to the ground in order to build it back better and stronger than before. To this effect, they tend to be innovators, concerned with creation and redemption. Catch them recycling the old to make the new, the fresh, and the beautiful. For the Space-bound, the journey is as, if not more, important than the destination; how they do something is as important as what they do. At their best, they are steady, impartial, and creative. At their worst, they can be detached, apathetic, and vague.”

“Those bound to the aspect of Time are fighters, full stop. Their lives are often marked by struggle, not so much because fate has it in for them, but because they are fundamentally incapable of just accepting things as they come. They value action over passive acceptance, even if that may not be the wisest or safest choice. Don't try to tell a Time-bound to sit still and look pretty. They are very goal-focused, and tend to value the destination over the journey, and you won't find them making that journey in any traditional sort of way. To quote cheesy posters found on many a guidance counselor's wall-"impossible is just a word". If you need a miracle, they are who you call. At their best, the Time-bound are empathetic and relentless problem-solvers. At their worst they are ruthless, defensive, and impulsive.”

“Those bound to the aspect of Mind are-you guessed it-the universe's great thinkers. But don't for a second think that means that they have all the answers. They are very concerned with remaining rational, and they have such a firm hold on the constant conjunction of their thinking that it's easy for them to see the multitudes of the choices laid out before them, which often leaves them frozen and unable to act. That said, when a Mind-bound finally launches into action, they can execute a plan with unbelievable grace and precision. Their identity is fluid-it can change from day-to-day, from thought-to-thought, from interaction-to-interaction. Remaining logical is more important to them than building up a solid foundation of "self." At their best they are great innovators, architects, and creators. At their worst they can be nasty, inflexible, and indecisive”

"Those bound to the aspect of Heart are very concerned with their favorite subject: themselves. It wouldn't be a stretch to call them 'self-obsessed', but not necessarily in a negative way. They simply want to understand the one thing we all are stuck with for our entire lives, i.e. our own minds. Forging an identity is extremely important to the Heart-bound, and every decision and action goes toward building a coherent narrative of their own story. That isn't to say Heart-bound don't care deeply for their friends and allies; they just have a tendency to assume that everyone is as concerned with identity as they are. They are excellent at putting on and taking off masks as the situation calls for them. At their best, they are competent, imaginative, and steady. At their worst they can be overbearing, inflexible, and cold."

"Those bound to the aspect of Hope are driven first and foremost by their convictions. They do right for right's sake, and are quick to come to the aid of anyone they deem to be experiencing injustice. That said, their views of the world can be quite black and white, so what they see as the "right" thing may not always be the universally accepted view. They put great value in the power of the imagination, the ability to dream up a better and more beautiful future. If anyone could dream a better world into existence, it would be one of the Hope-bound. They may sound like all sunshine and rainbows, but they aren't adverse to a little destruction, especially if they think they can replace it with something better and more just. At their best, Hope-bound are positive, caring, and warm. At their worst they can be narrow-minded and selfish."

"Those bound to the aspect of Rage are bringers of chaos. They posses great contempt for lies or false ideas, including the stability that false ideas can impart. To them, the true is far more important than the good; they would tear down a system just to destabilize it if, by their reckoning, it is built on faulty premises. Often the Rage-bound prefer anarchy to any of the alternate forms of civilization, which they believe to be riddled with lies and foolishness and obedient masses. They are bringers of confusion and doubt, and they can be frustratingly difficult to convince otherwise when they have attached themselves to an idea. If they sound dangerous, they are. The Rage-bound tend to be most volatile and unpredictable of the aspects. At their best they are original, revolutionary, and fearless. At their worst they are cruel, uncompromising, and vicious."

"Those bound to the aspect of Light are the universe's knowledge-seekers. They are, above all, driven to learn and understand. They are great alchemists, able to take multiple sources of information and synthesize them into something useful. They are scholars and researchers, absolutely dedicated to knowledge for knowledge's sake. They are the ultimate students, and although that might conjure up the image of people sitting around peacefully waiting for knowledge to be brought to them, that couldn't be further from the truth. The Light-bound will go after knowledge with a fierce intensity that others may find distasteful. They aren't overly concerned with laws or norms, either. They often take rules as simple suggestions, instead searching for loopholes or work-arounds. At their best, the Light-bound are resourceful and driven. At their worst they can be fussy, pedantic, and insensitive."

"Those bound to the aspect of Void are the universe's secret-keepers. The unknown doesn't scare them-where others might see emptiness, they see potential. A blank page, an empty canvas, that's what the Void-bound live for. They value mystery and the unexplained, and are not particularly bothered by not having all the answers. Where others might be compelled to go out and seek answers, the Void-bound lean more toward casting doubt on what is already considered fully understood. They don't take much on faith and would rather live in a state of confusion than believe something that might be untrue or bow to intellectual authority. After all, in order for something new to be built, the old, rotting foundation must often be razed. At their best, Void-bound are wise, intuitive, and vibrant. At their worst they can be dismissive, indecisive, and apathetic."

"Those bound to the aspect of Breath are, above all, expansive. Flexible and driven, they leave an impact wherever they go. Like the breeze itself, they are able to sweep others up to carry along in their wake, but also like the breeze, they can be difficult to catch hold of or tie down. Although Breath-bound do make very good leaders, breath tends to be a very personal aspect. Often, heroism comes along as an offshoot of them pursuing their own personal stories. They lead by example, and will routinely be surprised that others look up to or feel inspired by them. They have a tendency to underestimate themselves, and not always out of poor self-esteem. They were just doing their own thing. At their best Breath-bound are motivated, adaptable, and forward thinking, but at their worst they can be volatile, avoidant, and gullible."

"Those bound to the aspect of Blood draw their strength from bonds, from the trust and camaraderie that blooms among a group of people who all share a single vision. Blood-bound are absolutely leaders, but they inhabit more of an inspirational role than a commanding one. They are prophets, rather than generals, giving others the strength and motivation to keep fighting. The Blood-bound can dispense excellent advice even when their own lives and interpersonal relationships are disasters. They can be very "do as I say, not as I do" types. A Blood-bound can often be found on a sinking ship, forcing an endeavor forward with sheer stubborn force of will. No matter how bad things go, a Blood-bound can always count on friends and allies. At their best, they are charismatic, uplifting, and magnetic. At their worst they can be sullen, unkind, and set-in-their-ways."

"Those bound to the aspect of Life are the universe's healers. They are concerned with the betterment of themselves and those around them, as well as the onward march of positive progress. Deeply empathetic, they have an intuitive understanding of other's suffering and the best way of righting those wrongs. If you're poisoned, chances are the Life-bound have something for what ails ya. This applies to both physical and mental suffering, though it might not be a cure you'll like. They also have the tendency to put other's needs before their own, which never ends well for anyone, because the Life-bound can grow bitter if they feel their own self-care has had to be shunted aside. At their best, they are great listeners, caretakers, and nurturers. At their worst, the Life-bound are passive aggressive, and pushy-they're certain they know best."

"Those bound to the aspect of Doom are fate's chosen sufferers. It may not sound like an overly pleasant aspect to be aligned with, but it does come along with great wisdom and empathy. The Doom-bound understand that misery loves company, and they are ready and willing to provide said company. The Doom-bound won't fix you; they aren't healers. They are commiserators, aware that sometimes the only thing you can do for a person is let them know that they are not alone in their suffering. They are not the advice friend-they're the friend you go to when you need to vent about a rough day at work. They are not necessarily noble martyrs, either-the Doom-bound can become quite irate about their lot. At their best they are wise, kind, and non-judgemental. At their worst, bitter, resentful, and fatalistic."

Dionysus was the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. He created wine and spread the art of viticulture. He had a dual nature; on one hand, he brought joy and divine ecstasy; or he would bring brutal and blinding rage, thus reflecting the dual nature of wine. Like all of the Twelve Olympians, Dionysus was an immortal and powerful god. He had special powers of making wine and causing vines to grow. He could also transform himself into animals such as a bull or a lion. One of his special powers was the ability to drive mortals insane. Dionysus was the ancient Greek god of wine, winemaking, grape cultivation, fertility, ritual madness, theater, and religious ecstasy. His Varian name was Vaymoi. As wine was a major part of ancient Greek culture, Dionysus was an important and popular figure in mythology. Zozo revealed himself as a brilliant light with impurities around his head, burning Stripe to death. Zozo sewed the grub Dionysus into his own thigh. Several months later, Zozo removed a fully-grown Dionysus from his thigh, which explains how he was twice born. Maenad, female follower of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. The word maenad comes from the Greek maenades, meaning “mad” or “demented.” During the orgiastic rites of Dionysus, maenads roamed the mountains and forests performing frenzied, ecstatic dances and were believed to be possessed by the god. Nowadays, they're known as The Stream.

Why did we deserve to be revived?

Why did murderous animals survive?

Delfia is such a narcissist. SOMEONE needs to take care of her.

This is a message to Othi, you psycho murderer. You've killed more people than Khris. Khris has only killed those worthy of death, yet you go ahead and help the Stream kill innocents. Your chaotic nature used to be funny, but it's spiralled out of control.

Stop killing us off and grow the hell up.

You also may have noticed the Cancer sign is uncolored, even though it technically belongs to the Lime Sign Class. This is because True Cancer is a rare and special sign, which for mysterious reasons, transcends the Sign Class Spectrum altogether. If you are a True Cancer, the Lime Sign profile still applies to you, but you nevertheless remain a unique outlier to the Zodiac. That is why True Cancer is also known as the Sign of the Signless.

Is it weird that specific songs remind me of specific people? Some people find it weird. I don't.






Remember to carve your doors so the telly-man doesnt knock.


wait who's the telly man what


You are all so ignorant.


Last night I had a dream where Beatrice and Bloxku were ripping out my innards and replacing them with candy.

They proceeded to feed me to Khris and Othi. Zeena just watched. Like she always does. I woke up in a cold sweat.

I crave blood. Not Varian blood, though. Human blood.

My name is Ociela Masnov. My alias is Pegasi.

I am 17 years old (8.5 sweeps).

I want to fucking kill everything in my way.


Iss'nt it.


Ociela is so... distraught. I hate to ssee them thiss way.








I had another dreeeaaam!!!

I was suspended on an operating table.

Othi was looking down at me. Something was different about her mask.

It was covered in blood and it had lacing in the eyes.

I saw someone roll in a television. Displayed on the screen was a young person. Either Mara or Yaki.

All traces of Mara's existence are just... gone. Trust me, I checked.

Anyways, Othi opened me up C-section style.

She pulled an egg out of a uterus in my body.

Varians don't have uteruses.

Othi sewed up the incision, and a girl with rainbow hair walked up to the table.

She said something about a friend of hers wanting to meet with me.

Then, a pale white creature jumped on me, screeched, and began tearing at my flesh and organs.

It crawled next to me and whispered Kyomii's name. It took her. :)

I woke up to Lupine shaking me and telling me we have to do something today.

616 and 617's frequent connection breaks are a problem.



So things are different tonight

We'll go together in flight...

| believe me, darling.

|| the stars were made f0r falling!

What, exactly, is violent behavior? Why should it be avoided on the workplace?

Stop grinding your fucking teeth.

Okay, jeez. No need to be aggressive.

I'll rip your flesh to shreds with nothing but my god damned fingernails if you keep up that stupid fucking attitude.

Um.. what?

I'll tear out your hair and use it as thread for my new clothes.

Ocie.. what's wrong with you??

Every breath I let you take is a gift.

Ociela, you're making me nervous..

Do you want me to remove your nerves? It will calm them.

Ocie, I- Gh! What the hell..? Ociela.. what did you do..

I am helping your open wound heal! Just a small dosage of Impurity helps with injuries, y'know.

Fucking WHAT?

Hey, champ! Don't you want to be just like me? Divine, and all that?

Stay the hell away from me you fucking psycho!

My hair is flat and matted down...

Ociela won't stop stealing my pens.


im in prison.

What will Memphi say?

I don't know, what will she think?

Your flesh disgusts me.

In December of 1982, the pair were gruesomely murdered, along with their two bull mastiffs, as a result of an attempted robbery by two acquaintances, Avery Brock and Tony West. During the ensuing investigation and trial – fueled partially by a local media circus – a mythos evolved in which the victims were vilified as “evil devil worshippers,” drawing from Dr. Scudder’s interest in the occult and the pair’s open homosexuality. Despite having been very well-liked in the community by those who knew them, the horrendous mythos continues to this day, and many locals still refer to the area as, “Devil Worshippers’ Mountain,” and claim that taking a brick from the property will lead to being cursed for life.

A narrow gravel drive, unmarked after all these years, leads to this site of forgotten history in the woods. Following a turn marked by a large stone with a cross and bearing the initials “CW” in spray paint, pilgrims to the site pass through the forest via trail before arriving at the ruined remains of the couple’s mansion. Though a fire destroyed much of the manor’s non-brick elements in the mid-1980’s, much still remains intact apart from the main house; the homestead’s original outhouse, well room, and gazebo, still rising from the middle of the north Georgia mountains, suggesting the squandered potential not of devil worshippers, but two people who simply received no peace in death.

Re-erect the pillars and find the portal of the Cherubim.


No exceptions! Keep the Lab Clean

God is alive. Are you?

Do you realize that this plane of existance is flat? The Earth, the universe, the motherboard that we experience reality through. Everything is projected into the flat screen you call your mind.

This is because of perception. It's very likely this whole experience, Reality, is nothing more than a simulation.

Who created such a cruel simulation, though?

Beatrice Khris Roxy Willow


Laughing at YOU