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Catacombis' goal is to bring humanity one step closer to Divinity by any means necessary. Be it through genetic modification, alchemy, or surgeries, we assure you - we WILL reach the Heavens!

Using technology and research pioneered by our very own Memphi Norwin, we've been able to figure out secrets long hidden away within our Reality. We've found things that the Old Gods have kept away from our eyes, out of fear that we may one day replace them. And, as of 2021, with Project RIG, we have.

How can Catacombis help?

Recently, the First Veil of Reality has been devastated due to a series of Divine Events kickstarted by Abaddon - and we're here to help! With the large amounts of space irradiated by Impurity, you may find yourself having to deal with unfavorable things happening to yourself or loved ones. We've made our studies available so that you can stay aware!